10 Reasons Going to Art Galleries

Either in your home country or when you travel it is always interesting to find out what is happening in the local art scene. Besides local museums, one of the most interesting and refreshing way to see what is happening around is by going to Art Galleries, next we give you ten good reasons to do so:

1. To cultivate your aesthetical side

We all have our own concept of beauty and design, when you go to Art Galleries you see different approaches of a subject. That difference can stimulate your aesthetical side and open new dimensions to your thoughts and make your creative juices flow.

2. To know new artists and see new art forms

We normally associate Art Galleries to painting or sculpture, but there are so many new and interesting forms of art such as photography, jewelry, installations, architecture, tapestry, tiles, clothes and so on…

3. To socialize

Either you go alone, in a pair or in a group is always very interesting to exchange how you see and feel about what is being exposed with the person next to you and realize how people see things in such a different way.

4. To see a theme developed in different ways

It is always interesting when an exhibition is built around a subject, the different approaches artists can have. Most of the time, we realize how our conception of a theme can be so different from the exposed.

5. To exercise your mind

Do you ever wonder why the artist painted the model in such a manner (besides the aesthetic of his/her time) or why some subjects are always present in an artist work? This occurs normally when you don’t know the artist or his/her work and you are not attached to any memory, so your imagination can work…

6. To see the evolution of an artist through the years

It is very interesting when an Art Gallery mounts a retrospective exhibition of an artist, you can see through his/her work exposed, the evolution what has changed in his themes and/or techniques and improvements.

7. To support an artist

When you go to an Art Gallery you are helping to fulfill one of the artist objectives: to make his/her work known to the world. Either you like it or not it will always make an impression on you. If you like it, word of mouth can be the best marketing strategy

8. To buy

You can find that piece that is just perfect for you or to someone special and that is not available in regular stores.

9. To invest in culture

You can make a financial investment in art. Although this can be a bit risky as we never know how an artist work is going to evolve in the art market, especially if it is a younger artist. But you can invest in a piece that has some meaning to you or. you can make a normal, either also risky, art investment if it is a more know artist.

10. To walk

You can just walk through an Art Gallery only to see different and inspiring works, you will not buy so much as if you were walking in a mall, but you will exercise your body and your senses

Why You Should Go To An Art Gallery In Your City