7 Tips for Becoming a Vintage Photography Expert

Vintage photography is a style that implies a different time. It mimics the processes of old photography. True definition for the style is debatable. Nevertheless, it has a niche market in the new millennium. The post photo editing helps in ‘vintifying’ any photograph. VIntage style has garnered popularity among hobbyist photographers. A DSLR and post-production ‘recipes’ can indeed make you a vintage photographer. But, to become an expert is a totally different ball game. It’s about diving into an astronomical multitude of colors and saturation. Here we present the top 7 tips for you to master the art.

Lighting is everything
The first thing you got to try and do, is to duplicate lighting from previous eras. There are experts who share their light-room presets for free. You can also get a list of presets for a nominal charge. Get a light kit with key light and fill lights. With the help of lens gel, you can reproduce the foggy effects of the 60’s.

Subject matters
Regardless of the lighting presets and editing software you use, subject matters. You can’t ‘vintify’ a photograph of Ferrari 488 or iPhone X. Choose a subject that fits the bill. People and portraits are the flexible subjects in this case. You can make it work with landscapes too. Vintage clothing, old cars, antiques and rustic objects work like a charm.

Get creative
The stuff anyone would notice in old photos is the scratches, smudges and uneven texture. They are characterized by unusual exposure levels plus vignettes. You can produce such effects easily by partially blocking your lens with nylon or scarf. Try a bit of Vaseline, if you believe the lens is easy to clean.

Go retro
There is no school in photography like the old school. Locate the old style studio in your town. Grab that 35 mm camera and old film. That’s very much like the real deal. Vintage photography can’t get any easier than that. Enjoy the free ride and have fun, while you are at it. Nonetheless, it should be your occasional trick and just that.

Conversion software
There are myriad options out there when it comes to conversion software. For instance, Wanokato works superbly at ‘vintying’ your photos. All you need to do is upload and make a click. Now, your picture looks decades old proper vintage. Rollip, a web app offers 40+ filters for the savvy photographer to work with.

The ‘new’ vintage
You can get adventurous and redefine the vintage style altogether. Skip the lightroom presets and editing processes. Use the saturated colors of today with top-notch studio lighting. Concentrate only on makeup, subject, and props for the purpose of ‘vintifying’ the newly created photos. ‘New’ vintage is nothing but a sidestep from the overall style.

Get inspired
Explore through a plenty of vintage photos. Flickr Commons serve as such a huge repository of vintage pictures. You can browse through thousands of pictures to get inspired. Without having a feel of vintage on your eyes, do not setup up your gear. Do your homework thoroughly before you start.